Balayage is a handpainted technique of applying colour to your hair. It gives a more natural looking sun kissed effect. The difference between balayage and standard foils is the overall look, foils create quite a defined, precise highlight where as balayage has quite a random placement which helps to create the natural look. Balayage is not just for blondes as it is quite commonly thought, it is suitable for all hair colours.

Another benefit with balayage is there is a lot less maintenance because the colour is not applied as closely to the roots. It grows out naturally without developing an obvious regrowth line. Some people find they can go up to 3 months before needing to get a touch up. Balayage would suit someone looking for a more low maintenance look.

You will find that balayage is a more creative process which gives your stylist the opportunity to provide you with a one of a kind, personlised colour service.

Modern / Dip dyed balayage





Modern / Dip dyed

1/2 length of hair coloured - from midlengths to ends. Additional base colour for roots through to midlengths may be required to create a more definite colour change.  

Without base colour : $90

With base colour : $150







Classic balayage

1 or 2 colour tones over all hair to create a natural sunkissed look. No base colour required.  

From              $145  



Blonde Bombshell

Specialised balayage for blondes only, individual highlights that continue to lighten through the midlengths, down to the ends. It creates the natural Californian blonde look. No base colour required.





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