Are you battling 'THE FRIZZ'?

Are you sick of battling your hair and over the frizz . . .  We have the perfect solution!  Cezanne is a smoothing treatment that gets rid of 'the frizz'   It might just be what you need this season!

Bad Hair Day?  How to tame the frizz!

Cezanne is a Keratin smoothing system that provides relief to all hair types that struggle with unmanageable, frizzy, and fly-away hair.  It makes your hair is smoother, stronger, healthier, and more manageable.  What's more, the treatment lasts for months!

Cezanne Hair Treatment in WellingtonCezanne is NOT a chemical straightening product.  So it won't make your hair 'dead-straight.'   Cezanne can also be be applied in such a way to that your hair keeps 'a lttle' curl. Cezanne has MANY other benefits over chemical straightening products.  For example, it doesn't leave your hair dry and lifeless, but makes it stronger and healthier.  It also improves texture with repeated use.

Cezanne is formaldehyde free!  So how does Cezanne work?    Its active ingredient 'Sericin', a product of the silkworm, that wraps around each hair strand and penetrates into the hair shaft creating a smooth surface.  This is different to many other treatments which only sit on surface on the hair strand.  The results last three to five months, depending on your hair type and the application, with your hair gradually returning to its natural style.  Cezanne treatments can either be done as a 'one-off', or as part of a routine to tame those wayward locks.

Cezanne smoothing treatment WellingtonCezanne takes your hair and transforms it into its best version. It leaves the hair nourished and silky, taking away the frizz, and making it much easier to manage and style to the way you like.  Cezanne also helps to protect your hair against the exterior elements such as wind, humidity, and if you somehow end up out in the rain, it will help to prevent you turning into a 'ball of fluff!"

As well is being used to straighten curl, it can also be used to enhance natural curl by removing the frizz.  Or maybe you are over living with tight ringlets - Cezanne works great on kinky-curly hair, reducing the bulk, and softening the hair and curl.  Cezanne can also be used to loosen curls to achieve a more relaxed wave.

Cezanne is great for thick coarse hair as it helps to smooth the cuticle down.  This reduces the base that is common with coarse hair, making your regular hair styling routine quicker and easier.

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Happy de-frizzing!



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