6 tips for getting a great haircut

February 17 2017

Need some tips for getting a great haircut?

6 tips for getting a haircut - Wellington Hairdresser

If you are after a new hairstyle a good place to start is asking your regular stylist what would work best with your hair.  Often when a stylist has been doing your hair for a while they may have some good suggestions as to what changes could be made, or what could suit you.  If you already have a stylist that you know and love here are 6 helpful tips to start the venture of a new hairstyle.

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  1. When booking ask for extra time within the appointment for a more involved consultation.  If you are after a big change, or haven’t been happy with the haircuts you have been getting, make sure you allow time to talk through what you like, don’t like, and what has and hasn’t been working for you.  If you don’t ask for extra consult time the hair dresser may assume that you are keeping it the same and not after a change or have time to talk through options with you.
  2. Bring pictures with you.  Pictures are the best way for your hairstyles to understand the look you are after.  Try your best to find pictures that have a similar texture and thickness to your own hair. E.g. thick, thin, curly or straight.  While you might not be able to achieve the exact look in the pictures at least the stylist has a visual aid to point out what will and won't work for your hair.
  3. Questions are your biggest friend.  At Shine Hair we are never bothered by questions - the more the better!  Making sure everyone is on the same page is the best way to achieve an outcome you, the client, is happy with.  If you are unsure, 'clear the air' before you start.
  4. Tell your hairstylist what works for you.  If there’s something that you know does, or doesn't really work for you (like taking weight out of the hair, or leaving it more full) let the stylist know.  A good stylist will love to knowing how to make your hair the most manageable for you at home.
  5. New styles require different maintenance.  Make sure you talk through with the stylist how you can style the hair yourself at home, what products, and what brushes or tools you might need.
  6. Don't move around hairstylists too much.  Sticking with the same stylist for a reasonable amount gives your stylist an opportunity to know your hair and tweak your cut each time based on what has, or hasn't, worked.  Switching from stylist to stylist may be part of the reason you haven’t been happy with previous cuts.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you.  You can post your question on our Facebook page, send us an email, Tweet us, or give us a call.  

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