Transition to grey hair
Part Two

November 4 2016

Last week we started a new series about Transitioning to Grey Hair.  This week April, covers two more ideas about going grey gracefully.  

Growing out your greys

Transition to grey hair - Rule Three

If you’re not interested in visiting the salon every few weeks for your regrowth touch-up to keep stubborn grey’s at bay, there are excellent options available.  The trends are now moving away from full coverage of greys and soft blends are becoming increasingly popular.  I'M LOVING THIS TREND!

soft blend is where the hair colour either has a full covering base colour (on the grey roots) with some fine, correctly placed toned highlights scattered throughout the hair.  This helps the blending of the grey hair as it grows out.  

Another option is having an 'all over' solid colour, but a lower strength 'coverage colour' that deposits some colour into the hair without fully covering the grey hair.  Because the 'coverage colour' is slightly translucent, when the regrowth grows through, the grey hair is a lot less obvious. 

Growing out the grey - Rule Four

Patience is key!  If you are wanting to transition into a slightly softer, and more grey friendly colour, 'take your time'.

As you start to age, so does your hair.  Being kind to your hair is the most important thing to do.  Healthy hair is strong, shiney and smooth. Strong, shiney, smooth hair is also what makes your hair look great!  Making small safe changes, which look after the integrity of the hair, is the way to go!  It is also the best way to transition gracefully to embracing 'those greys.'

While you could convince some stylists to make drastic changes in a single appointment, in the long run your hair may look worse than it was previously.  So while you might have the colour you like, you could be left with lifeless, dull, and fragile hair, which we all know requires a lot more time and attention to style and care for.

Want to know more?

Come and have a free consultation with one of our fabulous stylists and together we can make a step by step plan to achieve the result you desire in a realistic time frame which also looks after the condition of your hair.  We would love to be of some assistance!  If you are thinking about 'growing out the grey',  bringing a photo, or two, to the salon of the style that you like.  This will help us understand what you have in mind.  




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