Transition to grey hair
Part One

October 28 2016

Over the next three blogs, April, Wellington hairdresser and owner of Shine Hair Consultants and Design, will be talking through some 'tips and tricks' to Transition to Grey.  Read on to hear April's 'Part One'.

Tips and tricks to grow our your grey hair

Transition to grey hair - Rule one:

When deciding what to do with your 'greys' as they come through, I believe the first thing to keep in mind it that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing!  There are SO many variations and options out there.  If you find a few photos with parts that you like we can always use that as a guide and work with you to customise a style that will suit your hair type colour and texture.

Transition to grey hair - Rule two:

Try not to focus on what your hair colour used to be when you were younger,  or, what used to work for you.  As you age your hair type, texture, porosity, and even skin tone can change.  So what may have once worked for you might not be ideal now.  It’s time to branch out and have an open mind and shake off those old ways and patterns and say hello to endless new options, and A NEW YOU! 

Want to know more?

Make a booking at Shine Hair - we would love to be of some assistance.  Or if you are thinking about 'growing out the grey', maybe bring in a photo or two to of stytles that you like to help us understand what you have in mind.  




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