Road Trip in the USA

September 17 2016

Hi, it's April, and this blog has nothing to do with hair or hairdressing in Wellington!

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been around the Wellington hair salon recently.  It's because a group of friends, hubby and I have been on a holiday together - a road Trip in the USA.  I've had a few requests for pictures, and I thought I was doing well getting the picture count lower than 100.  But would you believe I've been able to get it down to my top 10!  A hard task considering all I did while I was in the USA was listen to audio books, and TAKE THOUSANDS OF PHOTOS!

This blog post has nothing to do with hairdressing in Wellington!

We spent four weeks with 18 friends doing thousands of miles.  It was so much fun we are already planning the next trip.  The next time we will focus on the East Coast of the USA - New York etc.

Road Trip through the USA - The Map

Our expereience included everything from crossing deserts, going up high in the mountains, some super hot moments, amazing thunderstorms, fabulous wildlife, awesome 'Southern accents', meeting the locals, and plenty of great accommodation.  As well as all of the fun of hanging out with friends.

So here's a gallery of some of the highlights.  

 Wellington Hair Dresser doing a road trip in the USA

Also just like to put a shout out, to say how awesome the salon and clients were looked after in my absence by the team : Kimmy, Millie, Kimberley, along with Shelley and Ellie - Thank you team, you all did great!!!



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