Your Cut, Your Colour - So Many Options!

February 11 2016

Haircut & Haircolour - Wellington Hairdressers

There are two main features of hairdressing that we at Shine Hair Consultants can help you with:  Hair Cuts and Hair Colour.  From these two features there is an infinite number of options that can be explored.  In this week's blog we unpack some of the options that come from Cut and Colour.

Lets talk hair COLOUR

Wellington Hairdressers - HaircolourIt can be pretty easy to come up a hair colour plan with your stylist.  There really is so many choices.  Here are a few:

  • A partial colour every other time:  full head highlights, then a half head
  • A balayage or ombre colour is very forgiving, as it grows out without a strong line
  • A demi colour slowly washes out and adds shine & colour - the most affordable hair colour treatment
  • Our T-section colour targetting regrowth across the parting and around your face.  This is great for those pesky greys, between your bigger appointments
  • Some find it good to colour each time and cut every other time

Let's talk hair CUT

Wellington Hairdressers - HaircutA good hair cut can make or breaks a hairstyle.  So keeping your hair cut looking fresh makes all the difference.  But sometimes hair types have different needs.  Again, your stylist can help.  Here are some ideas:

  • Consider a change of style.  Some styles take more looking after than others
  • Fine Hair - blunt-style cuts look fresher longer and also can be forgiving with texture in the right places
  • Thick hair and curls - avoid the triangle look which often will mean removing 'weight' or adding 'texture' to your cut.  This will help your haircut to stay fresher looking for longer
  • Naturally dry hair will look better when the condition is looked after.  At times you may find a few hair treatments in a row to be more beneficial than a trim
  • Shorter cuts can need shaping a bit more often.  But this is an options rather than a full cut.  You may find your Shine Hair stylist can do some tweaking, like a fringe or neck line trim, to keep you going for a few more weeks
  • Long Hair - doesn't matter if its natural or coloured . . . one word  . . . Olapex.  It's a small cost for to pay for beautiful hair.  Don't be shy to have several in a row to reap the benefits.

Let's have FUN!

Having your hair done just for the pure fun and joy it of can be MAGIC!  Everyone loves feeling pampered!  It’s all about you and loving your new hairdo!  That feeling is PRICELESS!

Good wishes for your year ahead with happy hair.

XOX April



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