Save Money and have Great Hair - Trumpcard

February 3 2016

Save Money and have Great Hair - Trumpcard

Happy New Year All!

WOW - end of January already!  Often the new year starts with a couple of big promises to one’s self.  Things like budgeting . . .  but also the 'looking after the me' factor (we all know that one - weight, exercise, grooming blah blah blah).  But so important!  We think that our new Trumpcard can help with great looking hair and keeping to your budget.

Well lets talk about hair & budgets

You don't need to hate your hair when sorting your spending plan.  Most of us love having colour (or need to hide what’s really there).  We love healthy hair with shine, a shape that works and those yummy products, that do amazing things.

At Shine Hair - Wellington hairdressers, we have a solution that will work for your budget and your hair.  

FREE money 4 U

Did you know that at Shine Hair you can build up points with every purchase your buy from the salon?  Thats right for every purchase we give you back 2% and we give 1% from our selection of charities.  Building up cash points can go towards an extra service, a discount, or even put towards that yummy hair product that you may love.

Shine Hair cash points don’t expire so you can use at any time.  Also, cash points are managed by a third party company call Trumpcard so they are easy for you to track and redeem whenever it suits.  

If you would like to sign up to Trumpcard, or find out extra information just ask next time you are at reception.

Happy New Year

April xox





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