My Hair Appointment at Shine Hair Wellington

I was due for an eleven o’clock hair appointment at Shine Hair Wellington but I turned up early - definitely a first for me. I was greeted a few steps in by Tiesha, who smiled and explained that she would be doing my hair.

Shine Hair Wellington - Ella's Appointment

I’d come in with a fair idea of what I wanted, but it was an idea that I struggled to get across due to being somewhat clueless when it comes to correct hairdressing terminology.  Tiesha talked through all the possible tones and techniques with me (patient hairdresser; check), and it was decided that we’d go for a subtle balayage with toffee tones, followed by a quick trim.  I was then promptly seated in one of those comfy hair salon-y chairs, and offered a complimentary drink (yummy flat white; check).

Tiesha started by lightening my hair, and I sat there doing nothing; it was quite nice. Once that was done, I moved to another comfy chair and Tiesha put a toner in my hair to blend the highlights better with my natural colour. She left the toner in for a while to absorb into my hair, then washed it out and wrapped my hair in a hot towel (experience so relaxing I almost fell asleep - check).

Balayage Wellington EllaShortly after, Tiesha trimmed my hair. I’d explained to her that I was trying to grow my hair out and wanted to keep most of the length, but still wanted healthier and slightly thinned ends.  I prepared myself to not be completely thrilled by the outcome, but was really happy with the way it came out. To finish up, Tiesha blow-dried my hair, which left it sleeker and much more manageable when I came in!

My experience at Shine Hair Wellington was a really enjoyable one. The staff were friendly, the coffee was good and the vibe was really relaxed.

Thanks Shine - I’m sure you’ll be seeing me again!


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