How to make the most of your Wellington Hairdressers consultation

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Zhana, senior hairstylist at Shine Hair Consultants & Design in Wellington, gives advice on how to get them most about of your hairdressing consultation.


Hairdressers Wellington - consultation adviceAt the beginning of your hairdressing appointment, you can expect your stylist to ask how your hair has been, how you feel about it now, and what you'd like to do today.  This is your chance to let us in on your honest opinion on what was done last time and give your thoughts on what you want from today's appointment.

Never be afraid to ask for extra consultation time when booking your appointment.  Feeling comfortable and confident in your hairstylist is vital. If you are unsure - ask more questions!

When you know what you want:

  • Be honest - your stylist would never let you leave the salon with hair that doesn't look good on you.  Even if your ideal hair may not work on you hair type, colour, face shape etc, we can come to a compromise. So don't be shy....what's your dream hair?
  • Bring pictures - There may be a colour you like, a fringe you like, a length you like, all in different pictures and that's great - bring them all! Pictures are easy for us because we are both looking at the same thing.

When you don't know what you want:

  • Research before you come to the hairsalon - at least have a few ideas for us to start with.  Hairstylists aren't mind readers, mosthaircuts and colours can be modified to suit you.  So have a few hairstyles in mind you would like to try.
  • At the very least . . . Know what you don't like - and feel free to bring pictures of that too.  Knowing that you have a strong aversion to a certain colour, texture, length will help your stylist invent your new hair do.

So get thinking, get dreaming, and get inspired. You are worth gorgeous hair that you LOVE - make the most of your next consultation and get the style of your dreams!

Zhana - Shine Hair Consultants & Design
Hairdressers Wellington



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