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The WoB hairstyle - hairdressers WellingtonWhere does The WoB comes from? What does it means? WoB means 'Warranty of Beauty' or simply 'Wavy Bob' and right now, it is the most fashionable hair style that woman can get!  Shine, Wellington Hairdressers, is happy to provide WoB hairstyles.

Where did the WoB hairstyle get started?

Traditionally, a bob haircut is defined as a single layer cut, sitting around the neck, with a blunt feel to the bottom.  WoB is a bit different. It is a wavy, chin or shoulder sweeping look that enhances your style with effortless romantic curls.  It's that messy, elegant look you've been seeing taking over celebrities heads.  Instead of wearing your hair sleek and straight, free style waves are added for that extra WOAH factor of body and edge.  And here's the best part about it: It's painfully easy to style and suits all face shapes.

When it comes to styling the WoB, there are a huge variety of options available, from tousled, choppy waves, to a more sleek and glamorous curl.  And all can be easily achieved with just a handful of tools and products.

The first step to any great hair look is making sure it is in a good healthy condition, but not over conditioned as it can weigh it down.

Olaplex is my favourite one hair treatment, which will treat, condition and enhance your hair so you will still have the body needed for this style, giving you that salon-fresh chic finish at home.

Sea salt spray is also an ideal product for those who wants to create a more messy wob, just like Jennifer Lawrence.

Texture cream from KEUNE for any WoB fans wanting to create more refined and defined curls, like Kristen Bell and Taylor Swift.

WoB - Taylor Swift and Kristen Bell




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