Hairstyle for Windy Wellington by Tiesha - Wellington Hairdresser

Hi everyone,

I'm Tiesha, I came from Canada in March and started here at Shine around May.

I came from Alberta, where the climate is VERY dry, so deep conditioners and hairsprays were everyone's best friend. I noticed more of natural softer styles were in here in New Zealand, with the wind as well it's harder to have sleek or perfectly curled hair. So I started doing more beachy looks.

Today's tutorial is all about messy beach waves, a look I'm completely in love with at the moment (because it's easy and looks good after been blown away). I've been trying to perfect this look on myself back home for about 100 years and couldn't get it looking messy and natural enough. Well, the weather here enhances it! I came across a video from a Victoria Secrets shoot and in the background they were using this

I get a lot of compliments when I go out and its good for if you're running late in the mornings.

Keep reading to see how to do this, it's so easy.

How to deal with Wellington Wind - Wellington Hairdresser

1). wrap my hair around a 1" Barrel curler, curling the hair away from your face and holding in place for around 30 seconds. Now here's the trick, unwrap the curl from the bottom, once it's released SHAKE IT.

2). Continue with this tip, wrapping the hair away from your face, curl, release and shake.

3). Now do the same on the other side, shake shake shake.

4). I undid the two sections and clipped up the top section again. Wrapped the hair around the curler away from the face again and release!

5). Now for the top section curl different strands of hair different ways, do some towards the face and some away from the face. This helps give it a more natural beach look.

6). Once you've curled all your hair, rub it in between your hands to give it some texture, shake it around a bit more, (you can spray it with hair spray to if you want) or some sea spray to give it a lot more of a texture.



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