Ombre, Sombre and Balayage.  What's the difference?

Hi all, 

I hope everyone is having a nice week so far and enjoying those few nice days we've been getting so far!  My name is Pierce, I am a senior hairstylist at Shine Hair, hairdressers Wellington.  Originally I am from France.  I will talk today about the difference between Ombre, Sombre and my favourite ...Balayage!

Balayage Sombre Ombre Wellington Hairdressers

Well, with summer on its way, lots of you (ladies) wants to become a natural blonde (Yeah right!)

Let me share the way we do in France. In the different salons I have worked in, we hardly used foils!  French ladies prefer the natural look than the 'close to the roots' one! This is why we mainly do Balayage.  Balayage is also way better for the environment! No foils, no waste! (Happy Planet)

Lets go back to the comparison of ombre, sombre, balayage as I feel like many of you has been asking "What is the difference?"

Good on you, cos those styles are all very similar and can be a bit . . . confusing! Even for us!

Ombre - Wellington

The Ombre colour is your classic darks roots which goes lighter to the ends.  Depending on what you are looking for, it can still look from natural to quite dramatic.  It includes most of the time an in between colour on the length to soften the transition between the darker roots and the lighter ends.

The really good thing with Ombre is how easy to maintain it is!  You don't have to worry about redoing your roots so often as it fades nicely, and will still look natural.

When booking for your favourite stylist, make sure you are very clear about exactly what you are looking for, express how soft and natural you would like your Ombre to look! Easy as!

Ombre Wellington - Shine Hair - Wellington Hairdressers

Sombre - Wellington

Sombre is a good way to lighten your hair.  You still go for a darker roots to a soft lighter ends contrast.  The main difference is the highlights created.  With sombre colour, the highlights are less dramatic, fine to very fine weave thorough the hair to create a much more subtle look, which still have a natural aspect.  It is so soft that there is no major contrast!  This is one of the best way to lighten your hair without being too extreme with the lightening process.

Sombre Wellington Hairdressers

Balayage - Wellington

My favourite!!! It creates natural looking results because they are painted on the hair, and can be placed throughout the hair in a more natural, artistic pattern.  Each application is unique.  When using foils, you work in a very linear fashion, with the same amount of light from scalp to ends.  With Balayage, you have less colour near the scalp, increasing as it goes toward the ends.  This is how hair highlights naturally.  The result is a beautiful colour with a softer regrowth.

Balayage is not always the best option for women with dark brown or black hair, unless your going for a light brown, caramel, or red result.

Every type of hair will look great with Balayage.  On curly hair, the colour will look deeper where on straight hair, it will give an impression of more volume!

Balayage Wellington Hairdressers





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