3 Hairstyling Tips from Zhana - Wellington Hairdresser

Hi guys, I'm Zhana Coral - (very) long time stylist at Shine Hair, Wellington hairdressers.  

Over the years, many of you have watched me go from red to blonde to blonder to green to orange to blue and back again. Currently I'm on my way back to blonde.

Firstly, as hairstylists, we are NOT immune from frizzy, frazzled, unmanageable hair that looks like a haystack - I PROMISE. Naturally, my hair is dry, wavy, and very frizzy and, with my love of colour change, I am now dealing with totally frazzled ends as well. Here is the list of things that keep me from shaving my head, and keep my hair from walking off of it on it's own.  So here's my tops tips for taking care of your hair:

Top Tips from a Wellington Hairdresser


Do you hear me? DO NOT straighten you hair, DO NOT curl your hair, DO NOT blowdry with a super high heat on your hair (it's just as bad as irons). Embrace products like leave in treatments/conditioners. Put them in damp hair and layer with a heavier cream product with a bit of hold. Next, embrace heat-free styling! Twisting, tight braids, loose braids, coiling and pinning are just some of many heat-free styling techniques - I find most of mine on Pinterest or Reddit.


I get it, you aren't at your ideal platinum blonde yet (well I'm not anyway) but MAKE THE MOST OF IT! While waiting for your poor hair to recover enough for another slamming of lightener, embrace the dirty blondes. Playing with pearly tones, beigey tones, or ashy tones are just a few options I will walk through on the way to platinumville. Trust me, waiting is worth it. With a good stylist, good products, and a gentle touch, it won't take more than a few months AND your hair will still be on your head.


The hard truth is this: Do not expect any miracles if you refuse to invest in the best treatments (in salon and at home). If you haven't already, buy a bottle of Olaxplex No.3, throw away any products containing SULPHATES or SILICONES, buy a gentle nourishing shampoo and a repairing treatment and USE THEM. Ask us to recommend a regime for your hair type and USE THEM. Why does your hair feel so good when you leave the salon? Because we use great quality products matched to your hair type and you should too.

I hope this has been helpful.  Tell me how you get on next time you are at Shine Hair.





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