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Want to hear about new Shine Hair products, services, or just 'what's on top' for our Wellington Hairdressing salon?  This is the right place to come.  Also, drop us a line, if you have a question that you would like us to address in our blog - we would love to answer your hair care and styling questions.  And don't forget to come back soon.

The Shine Hair Team - Wellington Hairdressers

Some recent work by our Wellington Hairdressers

August 2018

Check out some of the work that our Wellington Hairdressers, Kim, Gemma, Stu, and Kimberley have been doing.  

Are you battling 'THE FRIZZ'?

Are you sick of battling your hair and over the frizz . . .  We have the perfect solution!  Cezanne is a smoothing treatment that gets rid of 'the frizz'   It might just be what you need this season!

Bad Hair Day?  How to tame the frizz!

Zhana's off to Samoa!
Wellington Hairdressers

February 29 2016

Zhana, one of the Wellington Hairdressers at Shine Hair is moving to Samoa to live!

Zhana is off to Samoa - Wellington hairdressers

Before and After Shine

October 2017

hairdresser before after

We are very proud of our work!  Check out the sort of things we can do with our clients hair!

How to Shampoo and Condition
Wellington Hairdresser Tips

February 23 2016

One of the most common statements I hear from my clients is "I just can't get my hair to look like this at home!"  While this is might be because you have just had a fresh colour, or new cut, or a really firm blow dry, it could also be due to the hair products you are using - what you are currently using, and how are you using it.  This week I'll let you in on a few tips of how to make the most of your foundations - shampoo and conditioner.

Shampoo & Conditioner - Tips from a Wellington Hairdressers

Introducing Gemma

September 2017

Gemma Wellington Hairdresser

Did you new know that we have a new hair stylist at Shine Hair Wellington?  Her name is Gemma.

Your Cut, Your Colour - So Many Options!

February 11 2016

Haircut & Haircolour - Wellington Hairdressers

There are two main features of hairdressing that we at Shine Hair Consultants can help you with:  Hair Cuts and Hair Colour.  From these two features there is an infinite number of options that can be explored.  In this week's blog we unpack some of the options that come from Cut and Colour.

Congratulations to Our Winners!

August 2017

June Free Hair Wellington Competition

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our 3 Months of Free Hair winners!

Save Money and have Great Hair - Trumpcard

February 3 2016

Save Money and have Great Hair - Trumpcard

Happy New Year All!

WOW - end of January already!  Often the new year starts with a couple of big promises to one’s self.  Things like budgeting . . .  but also the 'looking after the me' factor (we all know that one - weight, exercise, grooming blah blah blah).  But so important!  We think that our new Trumpcard can help with great looking hair and keeping to your budget.

Autumn is Hair

 Autumn is Hair - Make the most of the season

Autumn is H̶a̶i̶r̶  Here!  Why not make the most of it with an 'autumn inspired' hair style.  

My Hair Appointment at Shine Hair Wellington

I was due for an eleven o’clock hair appointment at Shine Hair Wellington but I turned up early - definitely a first for me. I was greeted a few steps in by Tiesha, who smiled and explained that she would be doing my hair.

Shine Hair Wellington - Ella's Appointment

Hello, Good Bye
and some new Hair Products

April 8 2017

Hello Goodbye Wellington Hairdresser

There have been a few little changes at Shine over the Last few months with a hello, a goodbye, and new hair product.  We have previously sent out the news as an email that some of you may have already read.  But we thought we might share it here on our blog too.

Then and Now: Hairstyles through the decades

Hairstyles Through the Decades - Wellington HairsalonIt’s always interesting to look back on the hairstyles,  hair fashions and fads of the past.  So this week I looked into popular hairstyles which occurred in the decades of the 20th century from the 1940s through to the early 2000s. It’s fascinating to see how much has changed! I’ve put together a brief compilation of some of the most iconic of these hairstyles. Check them out, I hope you enjoy :)

Ella x

Hair Loss! How much is too much?

March 31 2017

Hair loss is a common issue with clients.  But what is the normal amount of hair loss?  And, 'how much is too much?'

Hair Loss - How much is too much?

In this blog article I will fill you in on the common hair loss causes, and when it's worth seeking medical advise.

Teenage Hairstyles - Wellington Hairdressers

December 7 2015

Hi, my name is Ella, I’m 16 years old.  April, from Shine Hair - Wellington Hairdressers, has asked me to share what I’ve noticed in recent hair trends among teens.

6 tips for getting a great haircut

February 17 2017

Need some tips for getting a great haircut?

6 tips for getting a haircut - Wellington Hairdresser

Some AMAZING Christmas Hairstyles!

November 30 2015

hairstyling wellington for this Christmas

Like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner.  We thought it might be fun to put together a montage of a some amazing, crazy, odd, and clever Christmas themed hairstyles.   

Fun Times at the Keune
NZ Christmas Party

December 20 2016

Thank a million Keune NZ for the fun times last week!

Keune NZ Christmas Party 2016

How to make the most of your Wellington Hairdressers consultation

Advice from Hairdressers in Wellington

Zhana, senior hairstylist at Shine Hair Consultants & Design in Wellington, gives advice on how to get them most about of your hairdressing consultation.

Need Some Christmas Gift Inspiration?

December 13 2016

Struggling with some Christmas gift ideas?  We might be able to help!  Read on for find out how . . .

Hairdressing Gift Ideas - Shine Hair Wellington

3 Tips on How to Grow Your Hair Faster
Wellington Hairdressers

Three tips for Growing Your Hair FasterEver wondered what is the secret to growing your hair faster?  Tiesha, a Wellington hairdresser at Shine Hair Consultants & Design shares three tips.


Hairdressing Appointment
Times are Filling Up!

December 5 2016

If you are planning to book a hairdressing appointment before Christmas you might want to get in quick!  Appointment times are filling up FAST!  Read on to find out what times are still available . . .

hairdresser appointments christmas

The WOB - The new fashion hair style....
Hairdressers Wellington

The WoB hairstyle - hairdressers WellingtonWhere does The WoB comes from? What does it means? WoB means 'Warranty of Beauty' or simply 'Wavy Bob' and right now, it is the most fashionable hair style that woman can get!  Shine, Wellington Hairdressers, is happy to provide WoB hairstyles.

Transition to grey hair
Part Three

November 16 2016

Talk about a CRAZY week!

This is the final post in our series about Transitioning to Grey Hair.  This week April, covers talk about how grey hair can often have a different texture and maintaining your new grey style.  

What to do with grey hair

Wellington Hairdressers Gossip!
Trudi, Conna, Annie, Mia and Sam

Hi all, I'm April.  Shine has been my baby for 17 years now - I'm really shocked to hear myself saying I've been a hairstylist continuously for 35 years, and WOW!  HAVE I SEEN SOME HAIRDRESSING TRENDS OVER THE YEARS.  I've also had the pleasure to work with some lovely women.  Read on to find out what they are now up to.

wellington hairdressersAmy, Conna, Annie, Emily, Zhana, Trudi

Transition to grey hair
Part Two

November 4 2016

Last week we started a new series about Transitioning to Grey Hair.  This week April, covers two more ideas about going grey gracefully.  

Growing out your greys

Try something different this summer - Hair Colour

Wellington Hair Colour

Hi everyone, I'm Jamie, the salon assistant you will see making your coffees and booking your appointments. I have just, in the last week, finished my double degree of Criminology and Sociology at Victoria University, VERY different from salon work! I enjoy working at the salon as allows me to learn a lot about hair and products and play around with colours, ranging from the brightest copper to warm red tones and even the full head of blonde foils (sorry hair!).

Transition to grey hair
Part One

October 28 2016

Over the next three blogs, April, Wellington hairdresser and owner of Shine Hair Consultants and Design, will be talking through some 'tips and tricks' to Transition to Grey.  Read on to hear April's 'Part One'.

Tips and tricks to grow our your grey hair

Hairstyle for Windy Wellington by Tiesha - Wellington Hairdresser

Hi everyone,

I'm Tiesha, I came from Canada in March and started here at Shine around May.

I came from Alberta, where the climate is VERY dry, so deep conditioners and hairsprays were everyone's best friend. I noticed more of natural softer styles were in here in New Zealand, with the wind as well it's harder to have sleek or perfectly curled hair. So I started doing more beachy looks.

Hairdressing Product Sale
at our Wellington Hair Salon

October 10 2016

Currently we have a huge stock clearance sale on our hairdressing products!

We love doing well by our clients here at Shine.  Sooo . . . we wanted to let you know about our amazing stock clearance!

Welllington Hair Salon Product Sale

Ombre, Sombre and Balayage.  What's the difference?

Hi all, 

I hope everyone is having a nice week so far and enjoying those few nice days we've been getting so far!  My name is Pierce, I am a senior hairstylist at Shine Hair, hairdressers Wellington.  Originally I am from France.  I will talk today about the difference between Ombre, Sombre and my favourite ...Balayage!

Balayage Sombre Ombre Wellington Hairdressers

Well, with summer on its way, lots of you (ladies) wants to become a natural blonde (Yeah right!)

Let me share the way we do in France. In the different salons I have worked in, we hardly used foils!  French ladies prefer the natural look than the 'close to the roots' one! This is why we mainly do Balayage.  Balayage is also way better for the environment! No foils, no waste! (Happy Planet)

Lets go back to the comparison of ombre, sombre, balayage as I feel like many of you has been asking "What is the difference?"

Good on you, cos those styles are all very similar and can be a bit . . . confusing! Even for us!

Road Trip in the USA

September 17 2016

Hi, it's April, and this blog has nothing to do with hair or hairdressing in Wellington!

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been around the Wellington hair salon recently.  It's because a group of friends, hubby and I have been on a holiday together - a road Trip in the USA.  I've had a few requests for pictures, and I thought I was doing well getting the picture count lower than 100.  But would you believe I've been able to get it down to my top 10!  A hard task considering all I did while I was in the USA was listen to audio books, and TAKE THOUSANDS OF PHOTOS!

This blog post has nothing to do with hairdressing in Wellington!

3 Hairstyling Tips from Zhana - Wellington Hairdresser

Hi guys, I'm Zhana Coral - (very) long time stylist at Shine Hair, Wellington hairdressers.  

Over the years, many of you have watched me go from red to blonde to blonder to green to orange to blue and back again. Currently I'm on my way back to blonde.

Firstly, as hairstylists, we are NOT immune from frizzy, frazzled, unmanageable hair that looks like a haystack - I PROMISE. Naturally, my hair is dry, wavy, and very frizzy and, with my love of colour change, I am now dealing with totally frazzled ends as well. Here is the list of things that keep me from shaving my head, and keep my hair from walking off of it on it's own.  So here's my tops tips for taking care of your hair:

Top Tips from a Wellington Hairdresser

Millie - Hairdresser Wellington

August 10 2016

Hi there, I'm Millie.  I'm another new member to the Shine Hair team.

Millies - Hairdresser WellingtonI'm a Brit originally and only recently become a hairdresser in Wellington.  I'm not completely new to the city though.  I completed my apprentiship here in 2011 just before heading to the 'big smoke' of London pursue training with Vidal Sassoon.


Olaplex at Shine Hair your Wellington Hairdressers

Let me introduce myself and OLAPLEX!

Kimberley - New Wellington Hairdresser

August 5 2016

Hi all

Wellington hairdresser - Kimberley Hey everyone my name is Kimberley.  I originally come from Nelson where I completed my apprenticeship and gained my trade certificate. Since the age of three I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser and would practice on any person, or doll, that I could get my hands on.  

Goodbye Conna - Wellington Hairdresser

June 2014

We wish our fabulous Conna all the best as she enters a new chapter of her life! Conna is off to Belfast with her partner and as sad as we are to see her go, we know her new adventure will be filled with excitement and exploration. We will miss you Conna!

Kimmie & Cezanne Hair Straightener

June 14 2016

Hi all

Wellington Hairdresser KimmieMy name is Kimmie, one of the new hairdressers at Shine Hair - Wellington Hairdressers.  I'm from Cape Town, South Africa.  I've been in Wellington for just about a year now.  I joined the team at Shine Hair Consultants & Design end of March 2016.

Cape Town can be just as windy as Wellington and the air is just as damp - not good for our hair having sea air all around us all the time.  Many of us love our hair to be straight and everyone loves manageable hair with minimal effort to maintain.


Keune Tinta Colour Trophy - Hair Colour Awards

June 2014

Our third year apprentice, Zhana, headed over to Sydney with Trudi to attend the 10th Annual Keune Foundation Ball on the 8th of June. Zhana is a finalist in Keune's Tinta Colour Trophy so while they are there, the winner was announced!

Congratulations to the winner and congratulations Zhana!

Tags: Hair Colour Awards

News from Shine - Hairdressers Wellington

June 07 2016

Hi Everyone

I would personally like to thank you for being part of our world at Shine.  We love spoiling you which means doing the best for you and your hair.  As a consequence we have some freebies to for our existing customers.

Hairdressers Wellington - Shine Hair


Find out what's hot in hairdressing for this winter 2014.



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