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No matter what your face shape is, round, oval, square, heart or long, there are hair styles that will best suit you. Follow this simple advice to get the best result for you. 

Highlight the good and play down the undesired!


Heart Shaped Facesheart_2

You will tend to have quite a pointy chin, you want to try to draw attention towards your eyes and cheekbones. Heart shaped faces are often wider up top so you should always be sporting a side swept fringe. Length of hair does not matter so much with a heart shape, it is more about creating balance between the top and bottom half of your face. A soft, side swept fringe will draw attention down and towards your eyes. The fringe should be no shorter than the arch of your brow and no longer than the outer corner of your eye. 

Celebrity Inspirations

Reese Witherspoon, Keri Hilson 

Long Faceslong_face

Long hair often appears to drag a long face down. So a way to counteract this is to have quite a strong blunt cut fringe or to go for a shorter style altogether. Soft textured, beachy waves are always flattering on a person with a longer face. Chin length styles are ideal for creating width. Consider asking your stylist for an A Line Long Bob it is a very flattering length on long faces. If you do like shorter looks try to avoid short layers on top, it will give you to much volume at the crown.

Celebrity Inspirations

Kate Bekinsale, Susan Somers, Charlize Theron

Square Facessquare

If you have a square face you are going to want to try to emphasize your eyes and cheekbones while playing down your angular jaw line. Texture is your best friend! Try a style that has choppy ends that frame the face or opt for a short textured bob that finishes just below your jaw line. A middle part will create a curtain style effect around your face, it will help to disguise the most angular part of the jaw. 

Celebrity Inspirations

Megan Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow or Demi Moore

Round Facesround_Face

The secret is to deflect the roundness of your face. Longer layers will help to elongate your face, advise your stylist that you are wanting the shortest layer to hit at the same level as your earlobe or lower. Short layers are a no go for you, they create more volume and will make you appear rounder. For a more polished look try experimenting with soft waves. Avoid at all costs jaw length bobs or pixie cuts if you have a round face, it will only ad width where width does not need to be! Grow it at least a few inches below your chin. Bangs are very flattering on a round face, be sure to ask for a graphic, curved shape with plenty of fullness.

Celebrity Inspirations

Kate Holmes, Jennifer Hudson, Heidi Klum 

Oval Facesoval_face

Oval faces tend to look good in anything! However be weary of short layers it can make your face appear longer and avoid if possible blunt cuts, especially when your have thick or wavy hair, you will end up looking like a cone. Your face shape suits multiple hair styles so feel free to takes some risks, mix it
up a little like Rhianna! 

Celebrity Inspirations

Jennifer Aniston, Rhianna, Pink, Victoria Beckham



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