hair myths


Does washing your hair every day strip out the nutrients?
Washing your hair with a quality shampoo invigorates the scalp and leaves the hair heathy and shiny. 

Does your hair get used to one shampoo, should I change it reguarly?
As long as it is a it's a good shampoo suited to your scalp and hair type, you should keep getting the desired results over a long period of time.

If you never wash your hair, will it clean itself?
No your hair will continue to get dirtier and could result in an irritated, itchy scalp and greasy, lank hair.

Does rinsing with cold water make your hair shinier?
This one is true, cold water helps to close the cuticle layer on the hair strand and helps conditioner work better, leaving the hair more lusturous.

Does cutting your hair short or shaving your head makes your hair grow back thicker?
Either of these will not make the hair grow back thicker or stronger, a short stubby hair shaft may appear to feel thicker and stronger, but it is not.

Can split ends be repaired without trimming?
The only successful treatment for split ends is with a pair of very sharp scissors, while some hair care products claim to repair the just mask the problem by temporarily merging the split ends, this will only last until your next shampoo.

Do split ends continue to travel up the hair shaft?
This is true, uncut ends can travel up the hair shaft towards the roots. If left untreated you could have a serious problem.

Does damaged hair still grow?
Damaged or split hair does still grow, just not as fast as healthy well maintained hair. If you do not keep control of your split ends they will continue to tear multiple times, basically your split ends will then have split ends!

When I shower a lot of hair falls out? Is this normal?
Yes, you loose between 70 - 100 hairs per day. It can appear to be a lot more than 100 especially if you have had your hair tied up all day. Don't be too concerned about this.

Does hair grow faster when it is shorter?
It takes 3 years to grow hair to shoulder length, it takes 7 years to grow hair to waist length or aprox 90cm in length. So it is slightly slower to grow longer hair, which could somewhat be due to the need to trim your hair to avoid split ends once it gets longer.

What are some signs that I need to change my hair routine?
Dry, lifeless or dull hair
Split ends and breaking hair
Itchy or sore scalp
Lank greasy hair
Frizzy unmanageable hair



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